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Cooperative Case Studies from Three Countries : Is Membership a Problem or a Solution in the 21st Century?

Zsuzsanna Kispàl-Vitai,Yann Regnard,Klara Kövesi,Claude-André Guillotte (2019). «Cooperative Case studies from three countries: Is membership a problem or a solution in the 21st century?», Society and Economy, Akadémiai Kiadà, Hungary, vol41(4), p.467-485.

Gold Theme

The operations of the cooperative organization are an actively debated issue. The efficiency and viability of this organizational form still pose many unanswered questions. The literature is not unequivocal in evaluating the merits and drawbacks of this organization. This article provides empirical evidence from research about cooperatives covering three countries (Canada, France and Hungary) and tests theoretical hypotheses in the framework of organizational economics and cooperative theory. The findings point towards the positive influence of the social environment and cooperative values on organizational choice. The results prove the continued relevance of this type of organization in the 21st century in agriculture in all three researched countries.

Disponible uniquement en anglais.

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